Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little bit of crafting........

Hmm - I think I must leave all my computer savyness (or is that saviness?) at work because I  couldn't remember my password to log in to my blog and promptly forgot I even had one :lol

Never fear! I found it again thanks to my foresight that somehow told me to link my embryonic blog to my profile on Ravelry :)

I have been trying to find some time to post a little bit about the crafting that I enjoy doing. My wonderful husband indulges my efforts by letting me set up my space in our spare room at the back of our garden. I have a wonderful sewing set-up and some great wall units filled with yarn and fabric.

It is such a pleasant thing to wander down the back of the garden to my 'Wool Shop' as my girls refer to the craft room, and ponder my choice of yarn for my next project.

I have been busily knitting away, completing some test knits for my designer friends shannon, Stitchymama and Tikki. One day I might pluck up the courage to put my ideas down on paper but for now I'm just a follower when it comes to knits.

What I do enjoy creating from scratch are bags. Handbags, tote bags, messenger style bags - made from cotton, cords, denim and other delightful fabrics. I have made quite a few over the past few years and have gifted them to many and even sold a few here and there.

I will dig out a few photos and share them here over the next few days. Who knows - maybe you or someone you know might be interested in a handbag or two :)


  1. Yes me! :) love your work!

    hehe at the wool shop! wish I had one as good as yours ;)

  2. Congratulations on the start of your blog!!