Friday, December 10, 2010

A little bag for a sweet little girl...

My eldest daughter is off to a friends 5th birthday party on Sunday. This particular little friend is a very sweet child and will be joining Mima at her new school next year so I thought I would make her a special little girl's handbag to celebrate turning 5.

Here it is - a stretch denim book bag fully lined in aqua polka dots and featuring a hand-drawn (a little dodgy but that just adds to the quirkiness right?) applique flower. I found the strangest little orange fabric button in my button tin that seemed just perfect for the centre of the flower. I have often looked at that random lost little button and wondered if it would ever find a home but now it has:)

If you would like something like this for your little princess shoot me a message and I will see what I can do.

I am currently working on some custom orders and waiting for some gorgeous new fabric to arrive. Two new designs will be available shortly. In the meantime I still have a few bags available in stock (just see the left column ).

And finally - a thankyou to my wonderful friend Shannon for her help in getting this blog sorted... now I just need to learn how to take better photos right? One step at a time... :)

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